Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a license to operate a canal boat?
No, you will not need a license and you will be given all the training you need to get started.


Is the boat difficult to operate?
No. The waters are mostly current free, and cruising speed is only three to four miles per hour, making operating a canal boat child's play.


Are there any hidden costs?
Mooring is free along the towpath, although if you choose to, you can stay in a marina overnight. Water is free, and we give you a British Waterways key on arrival. Gas and pump-outs (if necessary) are included in the price you pay. Any additional costs are shown and calculated during the booking process.


Operating a Canal Lock


Is there car parking?
Free car parking is available at many of the marinas when you hire a canal boat.


Does the canal boat have electricity?
Many of the boats have 240v (UK Mains) sockets which accept 3 pin plugs. Electricity is produced from the engine by storing it in batteries. An inverter then converts the 12v to 240v electricity. For full details, please check the specification for the boat your are booking.


Do I need insurance?
The boat and contents are fully insured. The only things that are not insured by us are (a), your car, which is probably protected under your motor policy, and (b), your personal possessions, which are also probably covered under your house contents insurance, but please check your own policies carefully.


Can I take a pet on a canal boat holiday?
Pets are permitted on some boats. Please check the boat you are interested in to see if it can accommodate pets. You can also check out our pets article.


I've never done canal boating before?
Please see the training article.